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Terms, conditions and guidelines for use

These forums have been set up to allow forum members to participate in intelligent, informed debate on a number of serious topics.

Discussions in forums of this nature often get heated, but it is important that while you may take issue with another poster's viewpoint, you must not resort to personal attacks or abuse. Please stay on topic and refrain from posting offensive or inflamatory remarks that stray beyond the bounds of reasoned debate.

While it is perfectly acceptable to post links to external articles and information, you may not use these forums for advertising or promotion of products or services.

Below is a summary of points that may make posts open to moderation

  • Spamming or repeated posting
  • Ranting that is not part of the general discussion. This style of post comes across as a political broadcast or an angry protest that does little to progress the discussion or to involve other posters. Due to the unthreaded nature of Serious Topics, such postings often feel like an intrusion into the general debate, regardless of the validity of the points being made.
  • Advertising
  • Straying off-topic
  • Being offensive or inflamatory
  • Personal attacks against other posters

It is our aim that these forums be as open as possible and it is our hope that moderation be kept to a minimum. All moderation will be made using best-judgement and will never be used to stifle opinion, so long as such posts remain within the boundaries set out above.

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