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22 Sep '14  16:05
Financial Markets, Subprime, & The Credit Crunch
Going over old ground here.

Auditors operate within the culture determined by national politics, as the 'independent' auditors of the UK banks found. The parliamentary inquiry into the bail-outs from the public purse discovered that effective audit was thwarted of course, but did little.

The National Audit Office will know if the UK bail-outs were the biggest in the world - information which they may, or may not, have passed to the Public Accounts Committee.

It's easy to blame PwC, who incidentally were also the auditors of Yukos; but they've had a difficult time without international protection. Following serious pressure by the national government in that case the firm reversed the opinions in ten years of 'independent' financial reports - resulting in both the nationalisation of the big, globally owned, oil company and the long term jailing of its founder.
22 Sep '14  13:42
European Political Economy
Isle of Man
22 Sep '14  13:25
European Political Economy
European Political Economy
22 Sep '14  12:47
European Political Economy
$61 trillion was an estimate of the on and off balance sheet debt of the US. To this rising figure should be added the public expenditure that many are calling for to improve the economy. Europe's figures are unknown.

Effect on global stock markets [including insurance companies] if not repayable?
22 Sep '14  10:00
European Political Economy
Really! Who would have guessed.
22 Sep '14  09:33
European Political Economy
Revolution? See today's FT com - Marsh and McLennan [Insurers] on geopolitical risk and its effect on the stock market in the past.
22 Sep '14  08:51
European Political Economy

Trickery helped the 'No' side to win in Scotland's referendum. The press at the week-end suggests that increasing numbers share the views/suspicions of the leaders of both the 'Yes' and 'No' campaigns. See the Election forum 21 Sep '14 10:37.

It was said that voters could express their disapproval at the next elections in the UK, but the stooshie has big geopolitical implications.
21 Sep '14  10:37
The 2010 UK General Election
It looks as though the leaders of the Yes and No campaigns in Scotland are finding common ground.

Scottish referendum: Alex Salmond says 'No' voters were 'tricked'

And recent events, that suggest 'trickery', have now moved Alistair Darling to warn the three Westminster parties against reneging on their promises.
20 Sep '14  15:14
Middle Eastern Political Economy
French planes carry out air strikes on Isis targets in Iraq

France comes off the fence, anyone else?
20 Sep '14  10:12
European Political Economy
Welcome to geopolitics.

Bear in mind that is a Russian state website, but that of course doesn't mean it is inaccurate.

Anyway Quartz [a US website] reported yesterday that the owner of a big oil company in Russia was arrested in what looks like a repeat of Yukos. Moscow surely won't be silly enough to have a possible nationalisation case arbitrated again at the Hague - under the present 'international judicial' arrangements they'll follow the route used against BP.

On this matter ask ssaines about the US opt-outs under NAFTA - re what we can expect in its TTIP.

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