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27 Nov '14  12:38
European Political Economy
An opportunity here surely for UK [Scotland?] to profit from the valueless global economy.

Cynic 09 posted this last month:

Coal find could fuel UK for centuries: Vast deposits totalling up to 23trillion tonnes found under the North Sea
27 Nov '14  10:45
European Political Economy
A priority for the president of the EC, Luxembourg's Junckers, is a new European energy union. A priority for the incoming president of the European Council, Poland's Tusk, is an Energy NATO - apparently a more muscular ambition.

Poland has been almost alone in the EU in opposing emission restrictions, reportedly to preserve its coal industry. The most powerful nation in the EU, Germany, is begging Sweden to supply it with coal because it is phasing out its nuclear.

This week we hear that the European Environment Agency is critical of air pollution in the EU:
Eight of the 30 biggest sources of air pollution were in Germany, six in Poland, four in Romania and three each in Bulgaria and the Britain.

[*In Britain] a handful of power stations and industrial plants together cost the National Health Service and the wider UK economy over £10bn a year.

Of over 14,000 major industrial plants identified in Europe’s 27 countries, Drax power station in Selby and the Longannet plant at Kincardine in Scotland were ranked respectively 5th and 10th between 2008-2012.

Chance of consensus in the EU on energy policy?
26 Nov '14  15:43
European Political Economy
Der Spiegel tells us of the new president of the European Council - the replacement for Herman van Rompuy. Donald Tusk is a former PM of Poland, with close connections to Germany. An east European turn for the European Union, and all that entails?

Tusk says he expects Russia's advances to become a key issue. However:
His most important project is the plan for an "energy NATO," in which the EU and other states would form a gas procurement union and provide mutual assistance. He says this would mean that Moscow could no longer divide the community by turning off the tap for certain countries.

The Radical Pragmatist: Donald Tusk Provides Strong Voice for Eastern Europe
26 Nov '14  13:09
International Trade
On the other hand, in a valueless global economy. . .

OECD: 'Growth in Asia to continue outpacing that of other regions'

Although Asia's growth outlook is closely tied to the performance of the global economy, the countries in the region will continue to expand faster than other parts of the world, OECD economist Alvaro Pereira tells DW.

Asian giants China and India will continue to remain the fastest growing major economies, said the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in its Economic Outlook released on Tuesday, November 25. While the pace of Indian economic expansion is expected to pick up to more than 6.5 percent in the coming years, China's GDP growth is projected to hover around 7 percent.

While the US economy is recovering at a steady pace, the outlook for Europe and Japan is much less favorable.

26 Nov '14  12:51
International Trade
Online protest delays EU plan to resolve U.S. trade row [TTIP]
European campaigners against an EU-U.S. accord have held up progress towards the world's biggest free trade deal by deluging an online public consultation that EU officials had hoped would help them unblock a key issue.

Investor protection is among the most contentious issues in the proposed EU-U.S. trade pact because Europeans fear U.S. multinationals would use the investor-to-state dispute settlement (ISDS) mechanism to challenge food and environmental laws in the EU on the grounds that these were restricting free commerce.

Negotiators hope to conclude talks late next year, but there are signs of growing scepticism on both sides of the Atlantic despite leaders' insistence free trade can revive the economy.

U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman said last month that it was hard to imagine a trade deal with the European Union without strong investor protection.

26 Nov '14  12:22
European Political Economy
Fighting against the trend.

The German Chancellor is siding with Washington in commenting on Ukraine:
[*Angela Merkel] now speaks openly about, "outdated thinking in terms of spheres of influence which tramples international law and says it "must not be allowed to prevail."

Relations at Rock Bottom: Cracks Form in Berlin Over Russia Stance

This is contrary to the recent opinion that Henry Kissinger expressed, which perhaps recognised the momentum for the break-up of the states on which the United Nations Charter is founded. There are already nearly 200 sovereign states.
26 Nov '14  09:01
British Political Economy
George Osborne’s law: a pledge to balance the books

Therefore lots more QE on the horizon, as the Market suspects [Election forum 24 Nov '14 14:47]. Pending huge debt restructuring.

" the origins of the crisis are to be found in longer-term structural weaknesses. Policy has to address these failings, too", Martin Wolf writes today.
25 Nov '14  18:12
Middle Eastern Political Economy
The UN adviser Jeffrey Sachs criticises US militarism in his article. [25 Nov '14 10:26]

Someone else seems to be embarking on a value for money exercise:

America Still Has Hundreds of Military Bases Worldwide
25 Nov '14  13:14
Middle Eastern Political Economy
To collect tribute.

See 09.24 below.
25 Nov '14  13:01
Middle Eastern Political Economy
Ming and PA, politically strategic moves by a nation are giving way to economics in the valueless global economy. US companies/Wall Street (sponsors of politics) will want to transact with Asia regardless of the political damage to America. Such is the trend. As Hillary once said, you can't call time out on the global economy.

The essay below by the UN special adviser - Jeffrey Sachs - reluctantly shares this view.

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