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31 Aug '16  20:22
Financial Markets, Subprime, & The Credit Crunch
31 Aug '16  15:47
Financial Markets, Subprime, & The Credit Crunch
"Britain will remain an outward-looking nation, a strong voice for liberal, free market principles and democratic values."

Free market principles? It took some effort to be the world's biggest tax haven, as the Irish academic suggested.

Anyway, is China really serious in wanting to regulate global finance? The G20 summit is soon.
'Paradise on earth': China's Hangzhou gets propaganda facelift for G20 summit
31 Aug '16  14:41
International Trade
Illinois officials: Pension change could be 'devastating'
The board of the Teachers Retirement System, which serves more than 400,000 teachers outside of Chicago, is scheduled to vote Friday on whether to lower its expected rate of return on investments. A reduction would trigger a larger contribution from the state, where the Republican governor and Democrat-led Legislature have gone more than a year without agreeing on how to close a multibillion-dollar budget hole or address a $111 billion unfunded pension liability.

A problem for the G20. Can China cope?
31 Aug '16  14:07
International Trade
The absence of the effective audit of national finances in a global economy - with competing geopolitics - is a huge problem GSA.

On some of the detail, last night the BBC asked if retirement in the West was over.

We are told that if the US is to honour all the promises it has made to its citizens the national debt is 13 or 14 times the US's GDP. In the UK it's UK five times the GDP. The conclusion is that the West is insolvent.

A problem for the G20. Can China cope?
31 Aug '16  10:23
International Trade
Depends how serious the G20 is. Reflection on China.

President Xi Jinping is going to great lengths to show that the G20, and China [chair], are central to regulating global finance.
31 Aug '16  10:17
Financial Markets, Subprime, & The Credit Crunch
And on this theme.

Five points about the EU’s Apple tax ruling
31 Aug '16  09:43
Financial Markets, Subprime, & The Credit Crunch
Apple EU tax fine may be Brexit boon
By ordering the world’s richest company to pay Ireland a record 13 billion euros ($14.5 billion) in back taxes, it’s given the U.K. a chance to reinvent itself as a fiscal paradise for multinationals in a post-Brexit world.

“EU rules will not be binding in the U.K. and it’s interesting to see how it will affect firms,” said Georgios Petropoulos, research fellow at the Brussels-based policy group Bruegel. “Will firms from Ireland prefer to move to the U.K. where the European Commission does not have any power to prosecute them there?”

An even bigger tax haven!
31 Aug '16  09:13
International Trade
TTIP may be finished in Europe. But national politics seems unable to control the onward march of the market.

The new TTIP? Meet TISA, the 'secret privatisation pact that poses a threat to democracy'

Incidentally 'Foreign Affairs' has another article this month on competing for the immense global infrastructure that China is leading. Why Washington Should Accept the New Silk Road
The UK seems to be at odds with Washington here. See the geopolitics in British forum 04 Mar '16.
30 Aug '16  16:30
International Trade
Failure to enforce existing financial rules is the place to start, little c, beginning with national rules. The prisoner's dilemma was mainly responsible for, for example, the 2008 international financial crisis. Referred to in earlier postings here.
30 Aug '16  11:34
International Trade
Global Growth – Still Made in China

Hosts the G20 globalisation summit next week. Not much sign of the 'developed'world putting together an agenda for new rules of global finance.

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