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25 May '16  15:35
Finance and Investment
The IMF set out an agenda this week for the new Bretton Woods.

Can Globalization Still Deliver?
Quoting the UK in its preparations in 1975 for its first-ever referendum on whether to remain part of the European Common Market.
“we cannot go it alone in the modern world”

25 May '16  12:24
European Political Economy
That's why the G20 was begged to rescue global finance.
25 May '16  12:21
British Political Economy
More jokes.
25 May '16  11:31
British Political Economy
David Cameron: China must abide by ruling on South China Sea
25 May '16  10:27
British Political Economy
Another joke?

Numbers count: China has 1,300 one in a million and rising. UK has 60?
25 May '16  10:24
European Political Economy
Different political priorities in global finance. Hence international crises.
25 May '16  09:20
British Political Economy
23 May '16  16:23
European Political Economy
Interesting decision this afternoon by Washington's IMF. It appears that the taxpayers in the eurozone will be expected to pay lenders to Greece what are regarded as the unsustainable elements of its debt, and also subsidise its interest payments.

The precedent this sets for European politics is alarming, and shows among other things the cost of introducing a common currency without adequate financial checks and balances on members.

The IMF:
'it is critical to provide a strong and credible signal to markets about the commitment of official creditors to ensuring debt sustainability, which in itself could contribute to lowering market financing cost.'

Something more for the G20's agenda in Beijing later this year?
23 May '16  13:40
British Political Economy
That is the quote.
21 May '16  14:47
British Political Economy
The Madoff investment fraud was finally acted upon in 2008, and was said to amount to $64.8 billion. Apparently questions were first raised in 1999. The largest accounting fraud in American history?

The weaknesses in regulation in this example were symptomatic of what the G20 discovered when they were asked to investigate and prevent a repeat of the mess of the big international financial crisis in 2008. The discredited IMF had discovered decades ago [eg 1971] that they were unable to regulate global finance with powerful actors who ignored it.

If the G20 is serious about regulating global finance the rules will have to be enforceable against hegemonic powers.

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