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24 Jun '17  11:43
International Trade
From The New World Disorder, by the FT's Edward Luce.
The world was already making adjustments before Trump announced his candidacy. Almost two years before the UK's Brexit referendum, Britain's then prime minister rolled out the red carpet for Xi Jinping on a state visit to the UK . Britain also enraged Obama's White House by rushing to join China's Asia Infrastructure Development Bank , which was set up as an explicit rival to the US-created Bretton Woods system. Others then followed suit. . . Almost every western power sent delegations to China's recent "one Belt, One Road" summit in Beijing. When China speaks, foreign governments listen.

Was Britain a leader of change?
24 Jun '17  11:23
Financial Markets, Subprime, & The Credit Crunch

"If the world order collapsed, America would probably be the last to feel it."

The New World Disorder, by the FT's Edward Luce

All eyes on Germany's G20
22 Jun '17  15:08
International Trade
Global order, such as it is at present?

Trump trade tsar warns against China ‘market economy’ status [FT]
Donald Trump’s trade tsar has fired a warning shot at both Beijing and the World Trade Organisation, cautioning that any decision to label China a “market economy” would have “cataclysmic” consequences for the body.

Mr Lighthizer [trade tsar] did not say what US action that would lead to and he added he was “assuming?.?.?.?that the WTO is going to do the right thing”. But the warning pointed to how the Trump administration is upending the US relationship with the WTO and other multilateral institutions it helped create following the second world war.

21 Jun '17  15:16
Financial Markets, Subprime, & The Credit Crunch

The Trump team is obsessing over Thucydides

See Europe forum 23 Mar '17 10:04, for example. China first, America first, Europe nowhere?

All eyes on Germany's G20.
21 Jun '17  13:45
The UK General Election
The price of minority governments?

DUP 'put £2 billion price tag' on deal to keep May's Tory government afloat
The party has asked for a £1bn investment in Northern Ireland's health services and a similar amount for infrastructure projects, according to BBC NI.

21 Jun '17  11:05
International Trade
See North America forum 20 Jun '17 21:06

European Nato members lobby against Trump steel crackdown

This'll hurt Germany especially.

Trump Considers 55-Year-Old Provision to Protect Steel

All eyes on Germany's G20
21 Jun '17  05:22
Financial Markets, Subprime, & The Credit Crunch
20 Jun '17  21:06
North American Political Economy
US foreign policy - national security concerns? [Middle East forum]

Moreover see the FT's: European Nato members lobby against Trump steel crackdown

This'll hurt Germany especially.

All eyes on Germany's G20
20 Jun '17  15:15
Middle Eastern Political Economy
Qatari crisis rocks UK gas market as cargoes veer off course [15 Jun '17 09:43]

And to make matters even worse: Britain's reliance on imported gas to jump as giant storage site axed

British gas supplies seem to be at risk from US foreign policy.

Simon Anholt has thought of this problem: His answer: 'Wish you could vote in another country's election? Use an online platform that lets anybody, anywhere in the world, "vote" in the election of any country on earth.'

A common foreign policy for the EU is of course one alternative. But agreement on needed restructuring, no. Fines, yes.
20 Jun '17  11:08
Middle Eastern Political Economy
Some sort of message?

Iran’s missile strike in Syria
Tehran's strike was targeted at Islamic State but it also puts US bases in the region on notice and exposes the flimsiness of the Trump Administration's Middle East policy

Simply put, Iran has notified the US that its 45,000 troops deployed in bases in Iraq (5,165), Kuwait (15,000), Bahrain (7,000), Qatar (10,000), the UAE (5,000) and Oman (200) are highly vulnerable.

Clearly, the missile strike constitutes a snub to the US Senators who passed a bill on Friday imposing more sanctions against Iran over its missile program. It is also a defiant response to US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s [.] remark on Wednesday that the Trump administration’s policy towards Iran includes “regime change”

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