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22 Aug '14  09:48
British Political Economy
The need for security is moving up the agenda. Perhaps the global economy isn't everything?

The west should take note: there is no avoiding Isis
there is simply no avoiding Isis: it is expansive, expanding, and has global ambitions.

19 Aug '14  15:52
British Political Economy
It is doubtful whether possession of nuclear weapons [or not] will be a factor in Scotland joining NATO, if the people vote for independence.
Pro-Union campaigners claimed the SNP's plan to join Nato "isn't credible" if it removes Trident nuclear weapons.

Scottish independence: Scotland 'would have to apply', Nato chief says

The NATO summit next month will decide whether the political alliance can hold together. A lot is riding on this: the outcome may also determine whether the global economy can be influenced by politics [such as the UN's R2P].

Interestingly, the German chancellor this week assured the Baltic States that NATO would come to their support under articleV. However the German central bank says that the EU-Russia chill is holding back Europe’s economic recovery.

EUObserver reports:
“Geopolitical tensions in eastern Europe owing to the Ukraine conflict as well as in other parts of the world are now appearing to weigh more heavily on corporate sentiment”, it said in a regular report.

16 Aug '14  09:58
European Political Economy
Talking of political economy [Markets forum 15 Aug '14 09:01], the politics of the IMF - now under the wing of the G20 [Australia chair] - is coming under more questioning. See the book

The definition of financial stability, including checks and balances, was raised in the Markets forum in July:
When will the world order officially change?

Whenever central banks in the developed world stop printing money, per Blackrock in the FT today.

15 Aug '14  15:03
European Political Economy
National checks and balances in global finance? The Hague certainly found there were few in Russia.

“Yukos was the object of a series of politically motivated attacks by the Russian authorities that eventually led to its destruction.”

15 Aug '14  14:59
Financial Markets, Subprime, & The Credit Crunch
The Greeks? Victims also of 1971.
15 Aug '14  11:41
European Political Economy
Enforceability of national, let alone international, rules remains to be sorted out. 1971 reversed so much progress.
15 Aug '14  11:37
Financial Markets, Subprime, & The Credit Crunch
Here's a note of the most recent lectures at the LSE.
15 Aug '14  09:02
European Political Economy
See Markets forum.
15 Aug '14  09:01
Financial Markets, Subprime, & The Credit Crunch
Such is evolution, hence the move to political economy.

This is studied in some places, for example the London School of Economics and Political Science. Some of the lectures are on-line.
12 Aug '14  20:27
Financial Markets, Subprime, & The Credit Crunch
The attitude of London to the Arctic is interesting. See the British forum 24 Mar'14 17.17.

Although the UK was said to be submitting a claim on the territory, it is relying on unenforceable international frameworks such as the 'United Nations Law of the Sea Convention' being followed by all nations.

Note though that the US hasn't signed it, and China has effectively unsigned it; both countries are unwilling to cede sovereignty to the UN - as Kissinger officially alluded to 20 years ago in his book 'Diplomacy'.
"Empires have no interest in operating within an international system; they aspire to be the international system. Empires have no need for a balance of power. That is how the United States has conducted its foreign policy in the Americas, and China through most of its history in Asia."

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