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22 Oct '16  19:29
Finance and Investment
P/E versus geopolitics. See latest 'Foreign Affairs' on populism.
19 Oct '16  20:13
Finance and Investment
From a few weeks ago:
We see here and in the International trade forum a repeat of the isolationist/parochial argument. Memories of the flat earthers and followers of Ptolemy before enlightenment crept in.

Talking of enlightenment, the world's political leaders are gathering in China for the G20 meeting. How things change. China is now said to supply 25 percent of the world's economic growth, and rising. Like it or not we live in a framework of global finance that needs international political cohesion to control the beast.

An earlier posting referred to pin numbers of the world's population: '1114' for 2015, '1125' for 2050 [the Americas; Europe; Africa; Asia]

At least the British-Irish Council is getting more coverage in the press.
19 Oct '16  19:54
European Political Economy
Dutch plan

Too much democracy, and population pin codes?
19 Oct '16  17:15
Finance and Investment
19 Oct '16  05:59
European Political Economy
"too much democracy" in financial globalisation?

Population pin code 1113 in 2015; 1125 in 2050 [Americas; Europe; Africa; Asia]
19 Oct '16  05:45
International Trade
Only 28th?

Population pin code 1113 in 2015; 1125 in 2050 [Americas; Europe; Africa; Asia]
18 Oct '16  15:56
Finance and Investment
National bankers are useful intermediaries. See the cause of the 2008 international financial crisis, and most recently RBS caving in to the Kremlin.

"Government caprice has become the major risk to the global financial system."
17 Oct '16  06:57
European Political Economy
"too much democracy" is the essence of complaints about the ineffectiveness of cross-border political organisations, such as the United Nations.

The report from the Independent Commission on Multilateralism called for states to recommit to multilateralism. A rethink of the purposes of the political organisations, and crucially enforcement without invoking national treason, might be a necessary first step.
16 Oct '16  10:19
European Political Economy
Yet more division within EU politics on important matters.

Wallonia hinders Canada-EU trade deal
Belgium's Wallonia region will block the federal government from signing the Canada-EU free trade accord, after a vote in the regional assembly on Friday (14 October) against approving the agreement.

The French-speaking region has concerns about the deal's social and environmental impact, which could be addressed in a legally binding declaration. . . Belgium's federal government needs the approval of all the country's six assemblies to sign the deal.

Wallonia's stalling is a diplomatic blow to the EU and its trade policy, as talks with US on a free trade deal also grind to a halt. It also raises questions about future trade talks with the UK, as it exits the bloc.

"I am worried about the future of Europe, why add another crisis?," AFP quoted Belgian foreign minister Didier Reynders

14 Oct '16  11:55
International Trade
China has just bought Bangladesh?

China to sign record US$25 billion in loans to Bangladesh

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