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27 Jun '16  21:15
The UK General Election
If only geopolitics didn't exist.
24 Jun '16  13:35
British Political Economy
Protectionism beckons for the UK.

The Irish vote suggests they remember the devastation caused by the last major protectionism - the Corn Laws - and the dismissive attitude to them. A united Ireland?
24 Jun '16  10:08
The UK General Election
Such is the trend.

Beijing is struggling to curb enthusiasm for China's cultural revolution. [24 Jun '16 07:14]

China declares cultural revolution a ‘total mistake’
24 Jun '16  07:14
The UK General Election
Anyway everything we buy in the UK is made in China

As the next pillar of the global economy, China's national politics have their troubles. Such is globalisation.

Is China Returning to the Madness of Mao’s Cultural Revolution?
23 Jun '16  11:34
UK House Prices
Where will the necessary funding be found in a global economy?

A massive debt jubilee for starters. A presidential candidate in the US noted the trend there and concluded that the US would be unable to pay its debt - this statement was quickly retracted after Wall Street had a word. $72 trillion debt?

Incidentally the IMF have reported on their examination of US finances. The findings were declining labour force participation, falling productivity growth, polarisation in the distribution of income and wealth, and the share of the population living in poverty at very high levels.
23 Jun '16  10:32
European Political Economy
The European Commission's wishlist for trade relations with China is here.

EU envisions China free-trade pact
In the five-year horizon set out in the paper, the EU executive envisions "a deep and comprehensive" trade deal. But it said China would first have first to stop dumping exports in the EU at artificially low prices.

But China may have plans of its own.

Xi: China’s trade with Belt and Road nations passed $1 trillion in 2015
China’s trade with countries participating in the Belt and Road Initiative surpassed 1 trillion U.S. dollars in 2015, accounting for a quarter of its total foreign trade, Chinese President Xi Jinping said here Wednesday.

Over 70 countries and international organizations have taken part in the Belt and Road Initiative and some 30 countries have signed cooperation deals with China . . .

Xi said Chinese enterprises’ direct investment in 49 countries along the economic corridor reached nearly 15 billion dollars in 2015, up 18 percent year on year, while those countries’ investment in China exceeded 8.2 billion dollars, up 25 percent.

22 Jun '16  17:19
The UK General Election
Maybe not.

Commission Complaints: Juncker's Leadership Style Under the Microscope
European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker is increasingly under fire because of his unilateral style of leadership. Officials in Berlin and Brussels are losing their patience and EU legal experts have cast doubt on some of his methods.

22 Jun '16  14:21
International Trade
News from France that President Hollande may have had enough of restructuring the economy. He has reversed the ban on union protest against French jobs reform.

Cancelling ship sales to Russia must have been especially painful when we learn that the US is allowing Boeing to sell $4bn worth of planes to Russia.

In fact France, the UK and Sweden are now having second thoughts about renewing sanctions on Russia. EU extends Russia sanctions, but formalities delayed
21 Jun '16  10:10
European Political Economy
the US will have to start ratifying international rules itself if it hopes to lead the international community and exert pressure

China said it might exit the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea.

And continuing with the theme of autocracy, here is a discussion in the Atlantic Council that refers to the need by the US to get the TransPacific Partnership trade agreement widely approved. Less autocracy might help both the TPP and the TTIP.

Cross-Straits Series: The Future of Trade in Taiwan
we need to remind everybody that 95 percent of the world still lives outside the borders of the United States. And if America wants to economically grow, we must trade with them.

20 Jun '16  15:57
European Political Economy
Most of the matters in the posting below are addressed elsewhere in these fora. The essay in the US's 'Foreign Affairs' is worth a look - see Finance and Investment.

The surprising comment, however, was the accusation of others [not the US] of autocracy. The FT today acknowledges concerns over ownership of the South China Sea but points out that the US will have to start ratifying international rules itself if it hopes to lead the international community and exert pressure.

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