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24 Jan '15  21:55
European Political Economy
Greens are celebrating - the biggest loser from the move is UKIP
23 Jan '15  09:15
Middle Eastern Political Economy
Oil Climbs as Saudi King’s Death Spurs Policy Speculation
A key indicator will be whether Salman, 79, retains the oil minister, Ali Al-Naimi, who has driven decision-making since 1995. . . . the world is awash in oil

The king’s death also raises the question of whether instability across the Middle East will intensify

22 Jan '15  15:06
British Political Economy
‘Corporate wolves’ will exploit TTIP trade deal, MPs warned

See the Middle East forum for "out-lawyering".
22 Jan '15  13:20
Middle Eastern Political Economy
Who pays the piper? The inadequate funding of political controls reminds me of a talk by the former governor of the Bank of England, [Lord] Mervyn King.

At the LSE this week, he talked of the difficulty of enforcing financial legislation. But getting the laws on the statute book in the first place is a big enough problem. He was unsure whether much of the proposed Dodd Frank and Volcker rules would ever see the light of day. Politicians are understandably perplexed by the proposals, heavily lobbied, and encourage their people to find compromises. And the pressures will always be to find compromises about things that can't be explained and understood.

"Out-lawyered" was the description used in the TV series 'The Newsroom'.

Edit: "out-lawyering" certainly bodes ill for European taxpayers if the TTIP is approved, with its investor state dispute settlement mechanism intact
21 Jan '15  17:51
European Political Economy

Gazprom to EU: link to Turkey or lose Russian gas
Russia’s plans to shift all its natural gas flows crossing Ukraine to a route via Turkey is a surprise move

“They have a maximum of several years for this. This is a very tight schedule. To comply with it, work for the construction of new trunk gas pipelines should be started in EU countries right now. Otherwise, these gas volumes may be redirected to other markets,” the Gazprom head said.

Gazprom plans to deliver the fuel to Turkey’s border with Greece and “it’s up to the EU to decide what to do” with it further

21 Jan '15  15:50
European Political Economy
QE: ECB proposes 50 billion euros a month for two years
21 Jan '15  13:20
Middle Eastern Political Economy
Some support: Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of WEF, said China is attracting more and more global attention given its growing weight in global matters.

"The interest in the country (China)'s political path, economic development and the evolution of its social model is growing around the world as well," he said.

implications for the world economy: that will be an interesting session, also for the Middle East where China is a big investor. Beijing's involvement in South Sudan where similar circumstances apply may be a trend.
21 Jan '15  11:38
Middle Eastern Political Economy
Yes Ming, the President of the USA wants his county's values to continue to dominate global economics forever - despite the valueless global economy.

Obama Pushes for Trade Support, Warns on China

However China has different ideas.

China better at setting global agenda with high-profile presence at Davos
An 80-plus-strong Chinese delegation comprising high-ranking government officials, business elites and prominent academicians is set to attend the upcoming Annual Meeting of World Economic Forum (WEF) to share "Chinese wisdom" with the world.

Such a high-profile Chinese presence at the Davos meeting is an indication of the Asian giant's growing engagement with the world and its strong initiative to help set the global economic agenda.

the WEF meeting will devote a special session, dubbed "The New China Context", to the discussion of China's economic "new normal" and its implications for the world economy, according to a program released on the official website of the Geneva-based organization.

Incidentally the US had to call in the G20 in 2008 to sort out the international devastation after the collapse of the Washington Consensus.
19 Jan '15  14:33
Financial Markets, Subprime, & The Credit Crunch
For the want of a nail the kingdom was lost. . . Yes, financial checks and balances are essential.

But a few don't agree.
18 Jan '15  20:21
Financial Markets, Subprime, & The Credit Crunch
Ah, stolen from Disney this time. Original as usual.

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