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16 Aug '17  11:36
International Trade
Dangers of following the money

Treason in Greece, for example.
16 Aug '17  11:00
Finance and Investment
Who does the IMF really represent in the global economy?

A stockbroker in a radio interview told us about the IMF's warning to China last night. In essence the IMF issued a rather worrying comment on the health of the Chinese economy - it has described the Chinese debt position as being on a dangerous trajectory; from 235% of GDP to nearly 300% in 6 or 7 years time. It says however the Chinese economy will be growing strongly.

But global indebtedness has gone up by a third since the start of the financial crisis, so it exceeds $200 trillion now. By issuing a warning to Beijing about its national debt the US-based IMF seems to be applying double standard. And debt is understated. Off-balance sheet debt - especially in the West - is colossal.
14 Aug '17  14:46
International Trade
China's Quite Right Here, Trump Should Be Using WTO Rules, Not Unilateral Ones, Over Trade
The entire point of having something like the World Trade Organisation, with its varied rules, is so that disputes get dealt with through the WTO, using the WTO rules. That's the whole point and purpose of the institution, the organisation and the rules.

12 Aug '17  08:50
North American Political Economy
Remarks in the US on the Chinese position outlined by Global Times below.
If NK attacks US, China will be neutral. If US attacks NK, China will support NK.

There's no scenario where China supports US

A former PM of Australia, Kevin Rudd, commented on US TV on his article in the FT: Creative diplomacy vital to defuse Korean crisis
China needs North Korea as a buffer, and fears what leadership would emerge if government of NK is removed. Essentially a grand bargain is needed between US and China:

1. We want end of the nuclear programme in NK and the elimination of the existing arsenal and associated ballistic missile programme
2. What China wants?
a. A peace treaty between the US and NK - we've been in a state f war technically with NK since 1953.
b. diplomatic recognition by the US of the NK regime
c. Possibly a tripartite security guarantee by the US, by China, by Russia for the regime for the future [what former secretary of defence under Bill Clinton, Bill Perry, wants]
d. Tricky one, perhaps solved by good diplomacy: If we get all the above would the US be prepared to consider a staged withdrawal of its forces from South Korea in order to produce a genuinely neutral Korean peninsula?

Has the United Nations a role?
11 Aug '17  12:18
North American Political Economy
Interesting comment here on China's allegiance.

China should be neutral if North Korea attacks US – Global Times
11 Aug '17  10:04
North American Political Economy
Beijing Warns U.S. Over Navy Patrol in South China Sea
freedom of navigation operations near contested islands and reefs across the South China Sea are meant to show that the United States does not accept that China or any other claimant can legally challenge an American naval presence in the area.

But in separate statements, China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of National Defense accused the United States of stirring regional conflict . . .

Mr. Trump has pushed China to use its influence to compel North Korea to stop its missile tests and nuclear weapons development. On Thursday, he suggested that he might spare China trade penalties if it did more to curtail North Korea. “If China helps us, I feel a lot differently toward trade,” he said.

08 Aug '17  13:18
Finance and Investment
Dangers of following the money
08 Aug '17  13:11
International Trade
So, it was fake news.

Nothing has been published openly by the huge number of publicly funded organisations in the UK on the crisis in the petrodollar system.

Astounding as the G20 is discovering. Dangers of following the money

Moreover, Brexit implications: The Hamburg G20: A clash of competing visions of world affairs
08 Aug '17  11:27
International Trade
So,nothing published openly on this crucial matter by publicly funded organisations in the UK.

Dangers of following the money
08 Aug '17  10:28
International Trade

No research by Cambridge?

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