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31 Jul '15  20:56
European Political Economy
Some of us follow current affairs. A lot has happened in the last century that passed LB by apparently.
31 Jul '15  20:48
International Trade
31 Jul '15  08:17
International Trade
Germany is no doubt surprised to find itself subject to Washington's conditionality. A clash of worldviews.

The US's 'Foreign Affairs' thinks the future of the IMF needs debate and published this article a few days ago: Out of the Bretton Woods
When 58 member nations bucked Washington’s warnings and joined the bank this year, including allies of the United States and G–7 stalwarts such as France, Germany, South Korea, and the United Kingdom, China realized that it had a potential vanguard for an alternative economic world order.

U.S. allies also enjoy a lower number of conditions than other countries receiving loans.

30 Jul '15  19:31
International Trade
The US or Germany seem to be the candidates, judging from below.
30 Jul '15  18:53
International Trade
I prepare to occupy st pauls once more, many thanks for the education

No wonder LB is back.

germany gained at expense of others

That's what one writer in the US says.

Elsewhere the boot is being stuck into Germany. Political pressure has apparently been applied to the IMF in Washington. Accordingly this 'independent' financial watchdog says it won't support the Greek bailout given the debt levels and poor reform record. Pressure on the Germans for debt relief is mounting.
Where did the pressure come from? This week the chairman of the US President's Global Development Council wrote an appeal for debt reduction in Greece: In Defense of Varoufakis
30 Jul '15  18:48
British Political Economy
I prepare to occupy st pauls once more, many thanks for the education

No wonder LB is back.
30 Jul '15  14:01
General Chat
A view from 'Quartz': The FT got five times the price of the Washington Post on the sales block because it kept spending on quality
30 Jul '15  11:00
International Trade
Transatlantic values are under increasing strain

Forget global trade, self sufficiency is the new requirement we were told in a radio discussion this morning.

'Europe is living on borrowed time' was a comment from the US. [Europe forum]
the eurozone has been an utter disaster for most of its members. It has been a triumph for Germany.

Germany now exports almost 50% of its GDP, with half of that to its fellow European Union members. Germany has prospered with a far weaker currency, the euro than it would have with its deutschmark. The southern members of the eurozone (including France) have suffered with a far stronger currency than they deserve.

Europeans Could Help More In South China Sea Dispute
In a rare admonishment of a close ally, the United States urged the European Union on Wednesday to speak out more forcefully to support Washington in its dispute with China over building and militarization of man-made outposts in the South China Sea.

30 Jul '15  09:09
International Trade
Transatlantic values are under increasing strain, reports the Telegraph.

The British government has decided to deny Chinese dissident Ai Weiwei a six-month visa, in order to foster better relations with Beijing.
Britain's governing Conservative party has sought to improve relations with China after leader David Cameron angered Beijing by meeting with the Dalai Lama.

Since then London has made a number of moves which have bought it back into Beijing's good graces, including joining the Chinese-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, unlike the US or Japan.

30 Jul '15  08:23
British Political Economy
LB has been thrown out of St Paul's again.

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